Visio 2013 file block settings grayed out

I tried to create topology drawings with ADTD and got the following error when ADTD tried to draw the topology in Visio 2013:


The solution was somewhat counter intuitive: in the Trust Center (File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings) open the File Block Settings tab.  The “Open behaviour” options were grayed out, but the solution was to deselect “Open” for all file types, hit OK twice, and you’re done! Now you can use ADTD to create topology diagrams, or open Visio stencils.


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Sysadmin in the Netherlands.
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6 Responses to Visio 2013 file block settings grayed out

  1. Rama says:

    I have done this setting but not working .. visio 2013 with SP 1

  2. Brandon says:

    Booya!! thank you! yes that was very counter intuitive. Was having issue loading my shapes and this fixed it and now I can load them.


  3. Costyn says:

    Better put that ‘disable’ or ‘untick’ in bold caps!🙂 I missed it the first time.

  4. James Willard says:

    Thank you! Wow, that was counterintuitive. Yay Microsoft…

  5. Thankyou says:

    Thank you, glad I read that closer after seeing the comments

  6. Mikaveli says:

    Thanks – as others have said, this was hugely counter-intuitive. I had just assumed a policy setting was preventing me from setting the options.

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